di Micco oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from fresh and healthy olives. They are reaped at a calculated maturation point in order to give to the oil its characteristic taste. Our oil is granted and certificated from the protected geographic indication P.D.O. “Land of Bari - region Casel del Monte” and it is made with olives...

Quality rewards

Our passion for the land, for the research of the maximum level of quality possible, from the tree to the bottle, for our extra virgin olive oil PDO Land of Bari, Castel del Monte, award us with the best international awards, but the most important for us is feedback from our customers that follow us and trust in us everyday. 

Apuglia in the world

All the di Micco family is committed every year to promote around the world, with their excellence, through its own efforts and with all the energy that distinguishes us, our beloved region of Puglia. Our mission is not only to export the product of our land, but to export all the Apulian history and tradition!

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