Company di Micco Pasqua

The story

Since 1986 the farm “di Micco” has based its activity on the olive culture and follows its own lands directly. It always operates in the respect of the environment and takes care of the testiness and wholesomeness of its products. For this reason the collaboration of experts of phytopharmacological enterprises represents an important element in order to reduce the necessary interventions for the plant care. This operation is realized through researches in the field and evaluations on the climatic conditions.

The marked propensity to improve allows to receive the recognition of the impressive certification D.O.P. (P.D.O. Protected Designation of Origin) “Land of Bari” by the severe Authorities which operate in this specific sector. The same mark is successively awarded to its bottling plant too, where the bottling of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P. - Land of Bari - is realized with olives coming exclusively from its own lands.

The farm “di Micco”, that always takes care of its olives growth, follows with the same love and devotion all the important processing phases. The milling, realized with the traditional process of cold mechanical extraction, preserves the wholesomeness of the fruit. The packaging, at the end, carried out in a healthy and controlled place, it is the final stage of a process whose aim is the realization of an excellent product, with extraordinary qualities and incomparable taste.

The apulian family

Rather than as a company we introduce ourselves as a united family, as well as blood ties, for the same mission: to bring the product of family land in fact, with all the history of our Puglia, around the world, because we believe that in our bottles there is not only an excellent oil, there is above all the tradition and culture that has been handed down for generations.

Vito di Corrado Since 1986 he follows with passion olive production, innovating and managing 30 hectares of olive grove centenary.

Pasqua di Micco owner of the farm, with his last name are signed our bottles, a family company with an important note of women's entrepreneurship.

Nicola di Corrado professionally born in the world of communication and advertising, brings experience in the company with all its creative spirit needed to grow and stand out.

Silvia di Corrado formed in the world of communication, it follows with dedication commercial and productive aspects.