With the spring season comes a new flavored: mint oil!

A fresh news was in the air from a long time, after several studies and product tests, we now come to the perfect recipe for the new mint flavoured extra virgin olive oil!
As with the entire line of flavored branded Azienda Agricola di Micco, this condiment is obtained exclusively with extra virgin olive oil monocultivar Coratina of our Tenuta San Giovanni, and a careful, natural and slow infusion with fresh mint, also organically grown on our farm.
Our natural process then allows you to maintain many beneficial qualities of the plant, rich in vitamin A, C, B12 and precious minerals.
We recommend our mint flavored oil for fresh summer salads, vegetables, roasts and meat and fish, artichokes, eggs or just a classic bruschetta, interesting use with desserts and chocolate.
At the moment you can taste our mint flavored oil premiered in Trani at our store Delizie Pugliesi, or buy it from the store always online on www.deliziepugliesi.com