New year, new taste! Today born the new olive oil flavored with orange!

Today comes a new aromatic specialties, an innovation that enriches the scents and flavors of aromatic oils of the family "of Micco." After a careful search of the perfect combination aromatic, the right mix, we present our Orange flavored oil!

The delicate aroma of oranges goes with our extra virgin olive oil in an infusion of freshness. The scent of orange just opened, and the sweet taste of a freshly picked fruit fresh, recipe designed to remind our taste the true flavors of the Mediterranean. Excellent dressing for pickled fish, such as tuna, swordfish or salmon, raw fish and meat carpaccio, salads or even wild game and exotic meats. Ideal for the preparation of sweet and short pastry. The dressing is made, as always, from our extra virgin olive oil and fresh oranges selected.